Snowy Sunday


Enjoying a treat

The TV weather forecast on Saturday called for some freezing rain Sunday morning followed by rain. Imagine the surprise when we woke up Sunday to a fairly heavy snowfall with about an inch already on the ground!

Our herb and flower garden was a summer project that we worked on while staying “in isolation” avoiding the COVID-19 pandemic. With today’s snowfall it sure looks rather, ah, wintery. One thing about snow: your yard looks just as good as the always  perfect yard down the street.

Snow covered garden

We’re still waiting for our chance to get the coronavirus vaccine. Here in Indiana you have to be 70 or above to sign up for the vaccine. Neither of us are 70 yet, but we will be in the next group, be it 60+ or 65+, assuming they won’t change which group is next to be allowed to get…

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2020: The Year of Mops, Sanitisers, and Nighties


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The Words Kraft

#3 Silk Nighties to Long Floral Nighties – The Nighty Menace

From exciting silk nighties to the unsightly floral printed long nighties, these were the most sought-after comfort apparel among middle-class Indian females. From young girls to saggy aunties, there was a nighty for everyone. Easy to wear, easy to wash, and easy to maintain, nighties were the perfect superhero costume for the ladies rushing through the household chores.  It could be pulled up to ankle length, knee-length, or beyond, depending upon the task at hand. While recreational outdoor activities came to a screeching halt during the lockdown, the Indian females channelized their shopping instincts in buying numerous nighties for every occasion. Long cotton nighties for comfort, blouse styled nighties for the aunties, lace and see-through nighties for some conjugal action, velvet, and silk nighties for an evening stroll, etc. The nightie menace was gripping the Indian society, almost sweeping…

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Boris Johnson full of optimism for Britain’s recovery from devastating virus

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson says lives will be ‘incomparably better’ in England’s spring and summer as he sets out a plan to fully ease lockdown rules

Source: Boris Johnson full of optimism for Britain’s recovery from devastating virus


Vaccinate the COVID-19 infected? — Pandemic Pondering

Today I’d like to address the issue of vaccination of individuals who have already been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. There is a growing consensus supporting the concept that SARS-CoV-2 immunization may provide better and more broad spectrum immune protection than infection alone. While infection provides protective immunity for six months or more, the immunity […]

Vaccinate the COVID-19 infected? — Pandemic Pondering

South Africa’s Covid response: Fatima Hassan

New Zealand has begun its Covid-19 vaccine programme.

But countries such as South Africa have been struggling to access adequate supplies of vaccines after wealthier countries stockpiled more doses than they could possibly use.

This is despite the work of COVAX, the organisation set up to improve access to vaccines for low and middle income countries.

It’s forecast that some poorer countries will have to wait until 2022 and beyond before vaccines are widely available.

Fatima Hassan is a human rights lawyer and the founder of the Health Justice Initiative in South Africa.


I Got A Covid Vaccine First Dose – It Was So Easy And Fun I Kind Of Feel Guilty About It

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Getting vaccinated against Covid-19 disease is a requirement I insist on before I travel again. Its also just a good idea for staying healthy, period. Today, I was fortunate to receive the first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine. The whole experience from getting the appointment to the jab in the arm was surprisingly easy, fast and, believe it or not, fun. After seeing many horror stories on TV and in print about the difficulty of getting a vaccine, I’m feeling a little bit guilty about it.

Getting An Appointment

To match an earlier recommendation by the CDC, on January 14, my home state of North Carolina changed the eligibility criteria for vaccination to anyone over 65. I found out about the change on January 18 and created an account online with the county health department in an attempt to get an appointment to be vaccinated. That effort yielded no…

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COVID Lockdown Isn’t a Vacation: The Show Would Go On…. Maybe Without You!!

The Words Kraft

None of us is indispensable. Challenging times motivate us to find alternatives. And the show goes on, uninterrupted. The notions of “comfort”, “dependencies” and “continuity” are strangely relative and vary with circumstances.

The COVID crisis has compelled the world to step out of their comfort zones and search for parallel survival options. Explore alternative arrangements that are less expensive, easy to avail and more sustainable. We have learned to “adapt” and “evolve”. So, irrespective of your skills, dependencies, and reputation, we are all replaceable and dispensable. Nothing stops for no one. The COVID lockdown confirms that beyond doubt.

With offices closed, most organized sector jobs have transitioned into WFH alternatives. We have managed to connect, coordinate and deliver – almost seamlessly. In fact, business continuity is of paramount importance. And this is absolutely not a long vacation.


The LockDown isn’t a Long Vacation

While most of us are confined within…

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‘Sometimes I feel like I’m invisible and nobody’s taking me seriously!’


Cartoons Jan 1-31- NZ Herald cartoonist Guy Body shares his view on current events


Dr Chris Smith: Covid-19 vaccines and variants

Dr Chris Smith: Covid-19 vaccines and variants

This week; the UK reached the grim milestone of 100,000 coronavirus deaths, new, more contagious UK, South Africa and Brazil virus variants are being linked to rising case numbers, and a row has surfaced between the UK and the EU over the speed of vaccine supply.



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